Happy tales from happy tails!

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When I first started on my regional job, I felt extremely uneasy and guilty to leave my Princess in a pet hotel. It was when I was introduced to PetBuddies that this guilt was rolled away!

It has been 5 years since we engaged the services of PetBuddies. Adeline, our pet sitter is most experienced and knowledgable in pet sitting.

My husband and I now feel most at ease when we travel for leisure or for business. We are very sure that our Princess is very well looked after. It is very reassuring to receive daily text messages and photos of how our Princess is doing while we were away. Our Princess loves Adeline!.

I would strongly recommend Adeline from PetBuddies to look after your furry pets in the comfort of your own home. This definitely beats placing them in the pet hotel.

We would not know what to do without PetBuddies. A very BIG thank you!

Bryan/Jennifer Belle (Princess)
Stephanie Hulbert
Having Adeline as a petsitter has made going on holiday a lot easier. Adeline is a genuine animal lover who is also very competent in the care of animals.  My cats are troublesome as one is psychotic and one is diabetic. They both love Adeline and I looked forward to receiving my daily text from the cats via Adeline.
Stephanie Hulbert Daisy and Louis
I was recommended to a few pet-sitters. Many were good dog trainers and professional handlers but I was looking for something more. I was looking for someone with not only good handling skills but the ability to read an animal’s temperament.

It’s really all in the heart – a natural gift to connect spiritually with a dog instead of simply controlling her. Having been abused in the past, Djinn has come a long way, in no small part due to PetBuddies taking care of her when I leave the country. She doesn’t like cages, doesn’t require much discipline and doesn’t take well to harsh attempts at making her do anything she doesn’t want to. But she does need love and attention.

PetBuddies found that perfect balance; providing the freedom she needed while taking care of her daily needs. Most importantly, she and I both know that she’s always in good hands at home (where she belongs); peace of mind I won’t trade for anything!

Dan Djinn (Alpha Female Siberian Husky)
Ambassador Delfin Colome and Mrs. Elena Colome
My wife and I are frequent travellers. When we have to leave our two Siamese cats -Felipe and Alfonso- home, we are more than confident, as PetBuddies is taking care of them, not only with great professionalism but as well with a great touch of love and consideration. During our last trip to Europe, we were kept informed by SMS every day. Our PetBuddy was texting us explaining how things were home and the daily achievements of our two cats. We totally trust PetBuddies.
Ambassador Delfin Colome and Mrs. Elena Colome Felipe & Alfonso (Siamese cats)
Amanda Innes
It hurt to leave my kittens when I had to go away, but PetBuddies were highly-recommended and made the ordeal much easier.

The kittens loved their PetBuddy and were extremely well looked after and, most importantly, loved in return. The daily SMS’s set my mind to rest in our absence – a unique and brilliant service.

The kittens are young, and make the occasional mistake, but these were dealt with so kindly and considerately by PetBuddies that I will be begging them to come back the next time we have to go away!

Amanda Innes Sporran and Zathras
Linda Ruck, Editor, XL Magazine
Petbuddies is a great alternative to having to send a much-loved pet to a pet motel. I travel extensively on business and have peace of mind knowing my cat is able to stay in his home environment. Our PetBuddy is very dependable, flexible and kind and even more importantly Wilbur my cat loves her!
Linda Ruck, Editor, XL Magazine Wilbur, the cow-print cat