1. What types of pets do you care for?
    We love all creatures great and small! We are experienced in caring for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and other furry animals.
  3. How long have you been doing this?
    We have been pet-sitting professionally since 1999.
  5. Why do home visits instead of boarding?
    Separation from you is upsetting enough for your pets. It would only add to their stress to transport them out of your home, and make them stay in unfamiliar surroundings with complete strangers. Many kennels and catteries in Singapore house your pets in cages; which means that while you are away on holiday, your pet is sitting in “jail”, waiting anxiously for you to come back and bail them out! Staying in a kennel or cattery would also expose your pets to fleas, ticks and other creepy-crawlies. They are also at risk for contracting kennel cough (caused by the bortadella bacteria), and would need regular vaccinations against it, in addition to their usual annual vaccinations.

    Your pets would be much happier staying at home, able to follow their normal daily routine. They will be surrounded by all their familiar things and will be able to sleep in their own comfortable beds at night (or for their afternoon naps!).

  6. Will my pet like you?
    We ask that you contact us at least a month in advance of your first booking, to enable us to do a meet-and-greet with you and your pet. This will ensure that your pet’s introduction to your PetBuddy is stress-free, and will give you as well as your pet plenty of time to get acquainted with your PetBuddy.
  8. How will you know what my pet’s routine is?
    During our meet-and-greet, your PetBuddy will take a detailed biography of your pet, including his or her daily schedule, dietary needs, medical needs, etc, even down to quirks and habits (enjoys a drink from the kitchen taps? likes being brushed in the bathtub?). All this information will be compiled in your pet’s personal Care Sheet, which will help us make sure that your pet is as happy and comfortable as possible.
  10. Can you administer medications?
    Our PetBuddies are able to administer oral medications, subcutaneous injections and subcutaneous drips. This, of course, depends on the cooperation of your pet! Do note that there is an additional charge for this service. Please discuss these details with your PetBuddy during the meet-and-greet.
  12. Do you have references?
    Yes we do! Almost all of our clients come to us as referrals from other clients. Do let us know if you would like a chat with one of our current clients.
  14. Can you water my plants while I’m away?
    We are happy to help with the watering of your potted plants :)
  16. Can you collect my mail / bring in my newspapers while I’m away?
    Of course, just remember to leave your mailbox key with your PetBuddy.

Do you have any other questions? Please contact us at any time!