Posted by on Oct 14, 2011

Eddy with (L-R) Patricia, Suzanne and Mrs Lim (photography by Emilie Lancelot-Jouno)


Check out the gorgeous portrait above of King Eddy the Jack Russell, and his loyal subjects! Note his possessive paw resting on his royal orb … This regal pose was not produced by accident!

There’s an old Hollywood adage that says you should never work with dogs or small children, because they can’t take direction and will run amuck on set. Can’t help you with the children bit, but betcha didn’t know that PetBuddies’ services also include Dog Wrangling, eh?

The trick to great pet phoDOGgraphy (sorry, couldn’t resist that one) is to have an assistant (i.e. your PetBuddy) whose job it is to capture the attention of your pet, so that they’re looking in the right direction with just the right twinkle in their eyes. In Eddy’s case, this perfect pose was achieved with the assistance of squeaky toys being noisily tortured right next to the photographer’s head. And that extra twinkle in his eye came from smelly freeze-dried chicken gizzards brandished at him, at just the right moment!


Robin the Irish Terrier and Kingsley the Border Collie, with proud parents Harry and Shanni (photography by Benson Goh)

So don’t leave your pets out of your family portrait, and definitely make sure to include them in your wedding photos! Your PetBuddy will be happy to help you include your furry friends in your magical moments, to be recorded for posterity :)

(Many thanks to Suzanne and family, and Kingsley the Border Collie for letting me use their lovely pictures!)